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Paul Jefferson Davis aka P.J. Davis (1954- ) was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His parents moved to Memphis in the 40’s. Paul grew up in the Getwell Road/Elliston Road area of old East Memphis and graduated from Overton High School. He attended Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis) majoring in criminal justice. He has been a police officer for several departments around Memphis and has been a firearms instructor and range master responsible for training and record keeping. He retired in 2019 from the town of Byhalia Mississippi (William Faulkner died here). Paul has been married to the former Kimberly Grisham for 18 years and has a daughter, a son, adopted daughter and a step-son. They have a 19 year old dachshund named Josie, a 4 year old 1/2 bullmastiff 1/2 cane corso mastiff name Lucy and her 3 1/2 year old sister Ethel.


and there are the DIXIELAND novellas.

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I hope y’all enjoy my stories. Thanks for looking.

His first book, REAPER’S RAIN, published in 2012, was followed by the fantasy novel titled, CURSE OF THE VOODOO MOON. His next novel was a follow-up to CURSE OF THE VOODOO MOON titled BLOOD MAGNOLIA.

Out just recently is the novella DIXIELAND, the fictionalized story about Frankie Otay – a 17 year old hitman from Memphis. MUDDY MISSISSIPPI BLUES, the second in the Dixieland series is out as of 9/11/2015.

Paul is currently working on HEARTS AND SOULS. Our hero is a professional bodyguard, Aytch Majors. He is a former Legionnaire and U.S. Secret Service agent assigned protection for the President. Fed up with the POTUS, he quits and takes up dignitary protection. He’s hired to guard a MIT researcher who has developed an app for cell phones that allows the phone to recharge itself. But, all is not as it seems. The researcher has actually invented an app to weaponize the handheld devices. Everyone is trying to get their hands on at any cost.

Paul’s first magazine article is in the May 2015 issue of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE magazine. It is titled: DETER, DETECT, REACT – The Essence of Dignitary Protection. Paul’s photography work is also in the article.

Tactical photography is a fairly new art form. It contains action photo shots of police and military training events. Paul was asked to be the official photographer for the 2015 International Breacher’s Symposium and spent a week in November 2015 covering this exciting event. For those that don’t know what a breacher is, he is a soldier or police officer trained in breaching walls and doorways and any other part of a building where terrorists or hostage takers might be hiding. This can be mechanical breaching or explosive breaching.

The following is an excerpt from Alex Slozzo’s blog site: Be aware that the world described within these pages is dark, violent and desolate, and there are scenes with tough language, whether it comes from vile human beings or Satan himself. Quite an act of courage on the part of the author, whose background as a law enforcer familiarized him with coarseness on different levels. Also, there is a fair share of graphic scenes, racial slurs(it’s the South, after all, and sadly, racism is still alive and well), sexuality, so for those of you looking for a Sunday-school read, you won’t find it here. For those who like their Christian fiction way on the gritty side, this is a 10-star read! Thank you, Mr. Davis! Killer of a job!

contact information: or or 901.406.0298

Published by bloodmagnolia

I'm a retired cop. I got out while the gettin' was good. Not a place I need to be . . . not in today's environment. I still work as a security supervisor in Memphis, Tennessee. I have three dogs: Jo (19 year old Dachshund) Luci (4 1/2 year old half bull mastiff and half cane corso mastiff) and Ethel (Luci's younger sister - same mom and pop). Married to Kim Davis for 18 years. Kids are all grown - never see them. Writing novels. REAPER'S RAIN, CURSE OF THE VOODOO MOON, BLOOD MAGNOLIA, DIXIELAND, MUDDY MISSISSIPPI BLUES and the soon to be released HEARTS AND SOULS. I also authored an article in the May 2015 issue of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE MAGAZINE titled DETER, DETECT, REACT The ESSENCE OF DIGNITARY PROTECTION.

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